My work investigates pattern and its transformation through surface manipulation. Influenced by travel, architecture, the aesthetic traditions from Japan and the Arts and Crafts movement, my textile constructions showcase materiality using a variety of substrates and structural form created through a process of continual manipulation. 

The printed surface is where the manipulation starts. Photography plays an essential yet subtle role in my work. I capture imagery from daily life, various cultures and architecture to create my digitally manipulated textiles. 

Using techniques normally associated with fashion, such a pleating and smocking, I work meticulously by hand to create structure, which starts to morph the custom-made textile into new iterations. Once, again, I turn to the photographic process to rework the patterns and print the transformed textiles onto cloth before finally pleating and smocking into my textile constructions. This dialogue between architecture, patterns, photography and material is the fundamental thread throughout my work, honoring the time to create beautiful objects that endure.